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Melody Fennell from United States

40 mins
Cooks in
60 mins total
Country of origin

I was living in a flat in Barcelona, (after living in Paris for a year) while all the other occupants were away on holiday as it was August, and thought I would figure out what the Spanish food words were before I tried my hand at Las Ramblas farmers market. After trying to read a Spanish cookbook and getting the ingredients for the shopping list and cross referencing the Spanish English dictionary to figure out what and how to say it…not realizing it was Catalonia and all bets were off when it came to speaking a Mexican version of Spanish which should have been Catalan. I somehow managed to get all that I needed with a great deal of sarcastic shop keeps, completely confused as to why they were so rude to me. Regardless I invited friends over and managed to make an amazing authentic dish which no one believed I made myself! Note to women: Do Not go shopping without another person…Spanish people in Barcelona mistake a single female for someone with the a type of Evening Job that is called the oldest profession! I wish I had known! I just wanted White Peaches for Sangria, Red Peppers and Peas!!!


  • Olive oil+sea salt+ Pinch Saffron+hot water+Short Grain Rice+Medium spanish yellow onion, Red peppers+ fresh peas, shrimp+ mussels+ clams+chicken+garlic Andalusian sausage


  • Fry chicken that has been cut up in 2 inch pieces with a cleaveppers after washing, into 1/2 pieces, after removing the seeds and white part+rinse peas. Mince onion, Combine rice, hot water to cover, oil, saffron sea salt,onion and water heated in a large Paella pan, then lay all of the other ingredients on the rice mixing it in very slightly and cook in a 350 degree oven until the rice is cooked and the seafood opens about 50 minser, and seasoned with garlic and salt, till partially cooked when meat turns opaque and browns+clean mussels of beard and soak in water to release sand+ slice 2 in pieces of sausage brown slightly+rinse clams also as with mussels making sure they close…. or throw them away+cut red p


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