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Pork in spicy sauce with fragrant vegetables

Yana Ryabinina from Russia

10-15 minutes
Cooks in
90 minutes
Country of origin

And now it is time to tell you my story…
… I was 16 when I visited Paris for the very first time. There I fell in love with food. I tasted the most famous of French cuisine: frogs, snails, foie Gras. And exactly 5 years ago for now I decided for myself that I want to cook, I want to be Chef and make art in the kitchen.
But the biggest problem for me was that I couldn’t even cook myself an egg for Breakfast. I started learn books of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Julia Child and Paul Bocuse. They are still like parents for me. I took a little from each and added myself in my meals. I made my own world of cuisine.
When I was 17 I returned to France to taste more. I opened for myself a miracle of wine, I mean that beautiful love between food and wine. And it was my first time when I cooked for French. It was meat and vegetables.
There were my friend and his family.i knew exactly that I want to cook pork for them. Juicy and gentle like a first love. I found in their garden tomatoes, chili and zucchini. And I did it. When we started the ceremony I watched on people. I saw every emotion: it was surprise for them and for me. Somebody closed eyes and just enjoyed, somebody couldn’t stop to taste. It was like a dream for me and for sure I’ll never forget it. After that, my pork and vegetables become meal of mine.
I’ve never had the exact recipe – I always improvised and got a new, unique taste. It’s amazing how many dishes have not yet invented by mankind and how many more dishes not tried people. I want to develop, I want to try, I want to create.


  • Sauce: 1) one sour juicy apple; 2) 10 sour berries of red grapes 3) 0,2ml of dry white wine 4) nutmeg and ginger for taste and aroma
  • Dish reason: 1) pork tenderloin 500g 2) olive oil; 3) 4 garlic gloves 4) couple pieces of butter 5) thyme branch 6) Provence herbs 7) salt&pepper
  • Garnish: 1) 4 good juicy tomatoes; 2) 10 red and yellow cherry tomatoes; 3) small and young zucchini 4) chili pepper 5) 3 white onions 6)wine vinegar 7) salt&pepper


  • First we will make the sauce to give it time to reach their potential. So, scald with boiling water the grapes and remove skin. Apple, too, is to peel and cut into cubes. Add wine, nutmeg, ginger, and puree them in a blender. Sauce bowl put in the fridge and even add an ice cube. Trust me it is tasty! Small advice: add there a small white onion for aroma and tart flavor. Meat cut into two nice pieces. Sprinkle with salt and pepper them. On a heated pan pour the olive oil. When olive oil is hot throw into it the crushed garlic, twigs of thyme, meat. Do you hear this wonderful melody of fried meat? Throw back a piece of butter. Fry for 5 minutes over medium heat, then turn the meat and throw another piece of butter. Add a little Provencal herbs and pour the meat “juice” from the pan for retaining juicy flavor. When the fantastic crust is ready add the sauce, stir and cook for another 5 minutes. Then slide everything from the pan into a ceramic form with a thick bottom and cover with foil. Place the meat in the oven for 40 minutes at 200°.
  • While preparing meat, we begin to prepare the garnish. Slice the onion into half rings and throw on a heated pan in olive oil. Fry until Golden color and add small slices of tomatoes, stir. Finely chop the chilli and add to the pan. You have to peel zucchini and slice thin half-rings. When tomatoes let the fragrant juice, add to the pan zucchini, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. When zucchini are almost done, add there cherry tomatoes, cut into halves. Turn off the heat and cover the pan with a lid.
  • Remove meat from the oven and slice thin and beautiful. On the plate carefully place the top/next to garnish pieces of meat. Pour the sauce and sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves. Serve hot, delicious and beautiful! Bon appétit mes Amis!

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