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Pumpkin cream-soup with bacon and croutons

Polina Vershinina from Russia

15 minutes
Cooks in
35 minutes
Country of origin

The Pumpkin Day
Do you seen that pretty fatty? He isn’t just ordinary scarecrow, he is real the King of pumpkins, the main hero in the village festive The Pumpkin Day in Estonia. Before that moment I knew little about pumpkins and the only associations I had were hollowed pumpkins with the candles inside on Hallowing day and pumpkin-coach in the fairytale Cinderella.
But during the country festive I’ve learnt some new interesting facts.
1) It’s one of the most ancient vegetables on our planet. It appeared in Mexico and it’s grown by people more then five thousand years.
2) Pumpkins can be yellow, orange and even beige, green and blue.
3) 90% of the pumpkin is water
4) All places in the world are suitable for growing pumpkins, except only Antarctica.
5) The English name “pumpkin” was the name of the place where in 1584 the French scientist Jacques Cartier firstly in history noticed it.
6) Pumpkin is tasty and good for health product, and in addition it has little calories, so you can tat it during the diet.
The main part of the “Pumpkin Day” was the degustation. You can cook from it a variety of dishes, but for me the undoubting gastronomic masterpiece became pumpkin soup, which is not effectively applied in a pan, and a huge hollowed pumpkin.
Have you ever tasted the pumpkin cream-soup? In fact, this is not just a mouth-watering dish but the flight of chef’s fantasy, who creates the palette of incredible flavors from the assembled product. Pumpkin wonderfully combined with vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, that allow you to create different versions of the soup.
While ripening, it absorbs heat and energy of the sun, in order to generously supply us with vitamins, cheerfulness and positive.
That is a pity that this delicious festive finished quickly. But since then I have the recipe given by the hospitable King of pumpkins. And now, when I want to surprise my guests or just create a fun orange mood, I take a pumpkin prepare this fragrant soup.


  • 1 kg pumpkin
  • 2 carrots
  • 200g smoked bacon
  • croutons
  • sour-cream
  • herbs (parsley)
  • salt


  • Pumpkin and carrots cut into cubes, add to the pot with water, add salt to taste. Cook for 20 minutes
  • Pour the soup into a blender, grind into a homogeneous mass (puree)
  • Bacon cut into thin slices. Fry until crisp
  • Make croutons
  • Cream-soup pour into hollowed pumpkin, add sour cream, fried bacon, croutons and parsley
  • A delicious and healthy soup in a spectacular “pan” is ready!


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