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JORGE BISBAL from United States

30 min
Cooks in
30 min
Country of origin

This dish is my take on classic Beef Stroganoff.
While trying to impress my Russian in-laws during my first trip to Moscow, I developed this recipe after eating my first original Beef Stroganoff at Pushkin Restaurant in Moscow in 2008.
They must have liked it….they allowed me to marry their daughter!


  • grass fed wagu beef filet 250grams
  • bechamel sauce 1/2 liter
  • organic tomato sauce 1/4 liter
  • organic potatoes 2 large potatoes
  • organic shiitake mushrooms 100 grams
  • sour cream two table spoons
  • dill
  • salt & pepper


  • prepare bechamel sauce
  • salt & pepper the filet, sear the filet
  • prepare tomato sauce
  • prepare mashed potatoes, add butter, dill, pepper and salt
  • clean and cut mushrooms
  • in a pan, mix the tomato sauce with the bechamel
  • add one spoon of sour cream, add the meat, cook until tender
  • add the mushrooms, cook until tender,
  • serve on top of mashed potatoes, add sour cream on top


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