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Tom and Jerry (ragout with beef and mushrooms)

Hryhory Krauchuk from Belarus

10 minutes
Cooks in
70 minutes
Country of origin

The story of the unreal dish
One beautiful scenic October morning, I went skiing in Courchevel. Suddenly, I saw a stranger woman near the mountain elevator, who was trying to calm down her many children. They did not listen to her, knocked skiers and trip snowboarders up. At that moment I understood I had to get acquainted with this charming lady, and later learned her melodious name – Angelina. My good friend Billy took courage on himself to look after the children while we with Angelina could move out from the hill and have a good time. Surprisingly, the children somehow shortened his name and began to call him Bob.
We immediately hit it off and it was a nice warm conversation in the lift. After we had an exciting furious skiing, but, unfortunately, we were caught by a strong snowstorm. Well, I found an abandoned mountain cottage, which became a shelter for the next few hours. Of course, I quickly made a fire using friction force (and not only in the fireplace), and thought it would be good to have a meal that day. To my incredible pluses, I decided to add another and culinary talent. It was my finest hour: pots rang, pans fried in full, and I create a masterpiece literally from nothing. As soon as I put the meal on the table, suddenly the door was opened and a bearded, long-haired and with a good smile, middle-aged man entered. Angelina joyful rushed to meet him. I thought he was a forester, but he turned out that his name is Brad, they were married and they had a marriage crisis. After dinner, Brad praised my excellent cooking skills, and Angelina said that she loves him, and I’m too young for her. After she gave a number of her colleague and said that she will like me. Her name was Megan, and the surname was like a forest animal: whether the Wolf, or Squirrel. But I wrote it down. And we went back to the camp.
From the obvious disadvantages of this story, certainly it is an outright lie, and the advantages that, if it was the truth, I would be have killed by


  • oil
  • carrot
  • onion
  • salt
  • chili
  • paprica
  • beaf
  • pepper
  • potaeto
  • mushrooms
  • sweet corn
  • milk cream


  • shredd vegetables


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