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Beauty, Truth and Emotion.

Mombasa, Kenya. Tsavo, Kenya. Vancouver, Canada.
Samara Visram

‘Battles to Salvation’ – Fighting our own mental battles and creating a war against ourselves. When these thoughts are uncoiled, both the solution and hope becomes more clear.
‘The Roughness of Love’ – Inspired by the sexual exploitation of children in Kenya’s tourism industry, this image juxtaposes the purity of love.
‘The Bridge’ – Bridging the disparities in the world in terms of wealth, happiness and the overall purpose of life.
‘Graceful Stillness’ – The pride behind the rawness and the bare minimals portrayed in this bird’s pose let’s us all believe in the beauty of being natural.
‘Entries and Paradigms’ – The struggles I faced when aiming to balance my morals and traditions when moving to a foreign country.

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