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Getting Lost and Finding Fes el Bali

Fes, Morocco
Stacey Hafner

Lost and Found. And Lost Again. The souk of Fes is a sprawling labyrinth of windowless walls with merchants crammed in every nook. Fresh fruits and vegetables fill crates near cages of live chickens and booths of freshly butchered meat.
Yellow Leather Shoes. Men soak fresh hides in colorful dyes at the Chouara Tannery at the heart of the medina. Visitors use fresh sprigs of mint to disguise the smell as they observe the process before heading downstairs to purchase the vibrant leather goods.
Magic Carpets. Upstairs from the carpet and rug co-operative Dar Zarbia several young women demonstrate their craft. Weaving carpets is a tradition of many mountain tribes, different patterns reflecting different communities and cultures.
Need a lift? With over 9,000 streets and an estimated 180 miles of alleyways, Fes el Bali may be the largest urban area that allows no motorized transportation. Donkeys and mules are a common site along the way.
The Daily Catch. Another vendor, this time providing fresh fish to the locals, displays his product.

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