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Memory: The Light that Drives Out Darkness

Nagasaki, Japan
Briana Murphy

This statue in the Peace Park reads, “Remember winter, spring’s welcome consolation.” There is always life, even in the depths of death.
The mother’s plea for peace and prayers as she shelters her child. This statue by Naoki Tominaga commemorated the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing at its hypocenter in Nagasaki.
We are all inextricably linked; a cry for help across the globe is no less authentic than the one in our backyard. This statue in the Nagasaki Peace Park is entitled “Constellation Earth,” by Paul Granlund.
Flowers left in remembrance of lost lives and lost souls, and in rememberance of the spring that comes after winter.
Nagasaki is not a colorful city, but where there is color, it blossoms and radiates in beautiful hues. These, along with hundreds of thousands of other paper cranes, are folded as an homage to peace and to keep alive the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, about a young girl who was a victim of the atomic bombings. We must remember in order to prevent repetition of history’s mistakes.

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