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Off the Bay of Bengal

Sittwe, Rakhine, Myanmar
Grace Chew

On a bustling morning off the Bay of Bengal, boats dock for passengers of countless origins to disembark. Home to an undercurrent of ethnic stratification, Sittwe does not fail to attract migrants in the hope of a better life in this humming sea town.
Fishermen handle their pre-dawn catch amidst the dazzle of colorful boats – a trade monopolised by the indigenous Burmese are grateful for the access to the required capital in the fishing industry.
As a laborer teeters precariously on a hastily placed plank to unload his wares for sale at the local market, one wonders at the uncertain destiny of many others.
Eight-year-old Hnin enjoys the sunrise while feeding seagulls on a boat trip with her Burmese family.
At the dock, eight-year-old Rohingya Yasmin joyously prepares for the day’s toil at the wet market salvaging recyclable materials for sale in the hope of supplementing to her household’s income.

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