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Rough Sea, the seacucumber fishery in Yucatan.

Dzilam de Bravo, Yucatan
Claudia Novelo

Thousands of fishermen sail out to sea in search of the precious sea cucumber. Some are not sure if they will return but they are full of hope.
As head of the boat, Abel must care for his partner who is on the seabed. His life is hanging by a hose. The air compressor that generates sends oxygen to the diver.
Children help to unload the product. They are paid with cucumbers after they sold in the informal market.
A man finishes cooking sea cucumbers. The 2015 season made very good profits, but many fishermen died of decompression sickness.
These boats are from fishermen of Progreso. They were burned by people of Dzilam Bravo, because some of them arrived to fish illegally. Illegal fishing of sea cucumber has generated increasingly violent clashes between coastal communities, while in China and Japan, the echinoderm is considered a delicacy luxury.

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