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Soliloquy of a traveler

Himachal Pradesh
Jyotirmoy Gupta

Whenever I stand on a cliff I think what would happen if I jump. The pessimist in me says “Don’t do it you will die”. But the optimist says “Dear, What if you fly?”
Sunsets are beautiful. But I consider them as therapy. It is nature’s way of saying however bad your day has been there is always something to look forward to.
Mountains are magnanimous. They have a personality. Whenever I see one,I stop for a moment and feel its awe, its strength. The storms it has endured. They give me strength to endure my personal storms
The first light breaks through the clouds to come streaming in on sunlight wings and brings a million bright ambassadors of morning
The Norbulinka Monastery is one of a kind. On a cold early morning as I walk through the corridors I find him sculpturing a piece of wood. Such moments are inspiration to any artist.

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