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Storm and Life

Faroe islands
Junyi Yong

Tourists look out across the Atlantic Ocean in typical Faroese weather. Rain is so frequent in the Faroes that it is in their culture to take things as it comes, for fear of the weather.
Sea mist and fog shrouds a farm in the Faroese capital, Torshavn. A large portion of Faroese are still farmers.
An abandoned tollbooth along a road.
The carcass of a sheep lying in a stream. There are 70,000 sheep in the Faroe islands, compared to the 50,000 human population. We went sheep herding that day, for the annual vaccination event that brings the farmers in the Faroese village of Midvagur together.
Children playing by the water in the harbour town of Klaksivik. The Atlantic Oceans is very prominent in Faroese life – you are never more than 5km from the sea at any place in the islands.

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