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The Men behind the scene called Dubai.

Dubai, UAE
kimi singh

I caught this man passing through this huge pile of the construction material. These men lay the very foundations of the mega structures that are famous world over while most of them don’t have a home of their own.
I was struck by the naivety of the expression of this young construction worker when he caught me photographing him. The expression kind of said to me, why she would be clicking picture of a construction worker. Young boys, men are fled from poor nations with golden promises to work here and earn in Dirhams while they are made to work in tough and challenging conditions. Few fly back while others don’t because of either visa restrictions or because they have to feed their families among other reasons.
These men work hanging off from death defying heights of sky high buildings. I found this man casually doing something on his phone, oblivious of the height from which he was hanging. That was a kickass moment for me because we often watch heroes in total awe, perform stunts in movies while here are men who do it on a daily basis.
I was often woken up by the sound of these men getting to work early in the morning. They would come at 6 am in the morning and would work through the day until 6-7pm irrespective of the weather, which most of the times would be burning hot, making it a 12- 13 hour daily shift with one day off day per week. Just sometimes, they would rest or sleep on the floor before they got back to building the tall structures which we look at with total awe and amazement.
When these men saw me clicking their photos, they gave me the most wonderful, heartfelt smile hard to come by these days. Despite living in such challenging conditions where as much as 20 people are made to live in a single room and made to eat food that was described by some construction workers as inedible, these men have such satisfaction and contentment on their face of being the builders of the very comfort we enjoy inside the buildings they build with their blood and sweat.

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