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The motiongraphy of a serie of not counted beings .

Pooyan Jalilvand

i have been always wondering how this expensive buldings has been made in my city . the showcase . clean ,beautiful and ordered
so thats why i took my camera and went inside of this buildings befor they get finished . i met this refugees from the neighbor country “afghanistan”. the people who escaped the bullet and blood .
they say in the town :” they(afghans) work more and better and want less money ” . i know , i feel why they are like this . why they sell theire flesh this cheap .
they leave in different rooms in this big building wich is in the procces. after a day of hard work they get some rest in the rooms wich there is no energy left to make it more cozy .
and after the building is done, people who are ready to pay atleast 2000 euro for one square meter of this apartments,come to buy the house . and my motion men ,in that moment,are in another place living theire motion life .

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