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Vietnam at Work

Throughout Vietnam
Margarita Forsythe

The necessity of work is learned at a young age. This little girl dutifully sells her mothers bracelets on the side of the road.

We stayed in the house of Lo Mae of the Red Dzao tribe. Embroidery is a mainstay of tribal culture and commerce. Her hard working hands are pummeled by life, yet she shrugs it off as she proudly shows us her skill.

Sometimes families in the small villages keep their children out of school because they are so necessary for survival on the farms. Many have little, to no education. The government has tried to intervene by developing programs to help by paying families if they will send them to school.

Young moms take their children to the fields with them. Even in their poverty, they take great pride in their tribal dress. Little boys in the Red Dzao tribe have elaborate head coverings that are made by the women.

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