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A journey through the old continent

Emerson de Santis

At the Pinhão train station, again running away from traditional photos, I explored an unusual angle. This photograph easily transports us as a passenger waiting for the train. Using a half frame made with the roof frames.
In front of Gabriela's residential restaurant, in the village of Sendim, my six-month-old daughter, was charmed by this homeless. To save a souvenir for her, I offered him 5 euros to him, which was all content. My best photo ever!
In the city of Amarante, I registered under a somewhat unusual and little explored angle, the Municipal Camera. The picture was different from the one shown. A pity to be undergoing a renovation, and the building is not 100% to show.
In the metro station of Lisbon while the great majority shows statically the facade of the building, I chose to see who sees the photograph inside the station. Without proper equipment, I fastened my wrist and made a long-term record.
The photo of my life. My daughter, 6 months old, admired the Lisbon Oceanarium. The place does not allow flash. With a clear lens and a large aperture, a little ISO, I clicked the only moment he posed for me, admiring the aquarium in front of him.

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