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A trip in San Antonio

United States
Josselyn Rodriguez

This is call the Riverwalk. Around this river you can find restaurants and you can also take a short trip on a boat while a person is telling the story around the Riverwalk.
Restaurant Maria Mía. One of the best foods I had. This restaurant is best known for its Tex Mex food and it's really good, with a taste of spicy.
Hilton Hotel. This hotel has its story, it was built from part to part… like a Lego.
Dennys. I really enjoy having breakfast there. People were nice and the food was good, but the messages that the cups had (like this one) were the thing that got my attention and made my day better.
Tortrix. One of the best snacks at my country, I decide to take this picture because wherever I go a piece of my country go with me.

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