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Ancient Natural Heritage Of Bastar

Vijay Seetaram Raju P

“Bell Metal Art” – This art form represents bastar’s uniqueness in the universe. The initial structure starts with wax and completes with bell metal.
“Bison Horn Dance” – An ancient dance form, reflects cultural heritage of bastar performed by muria tribe on the occasion of dussehra at jagdalpur, Bastar.
"The Gond Tribe" – Oldest tribal community in India. Usually they hunt with help of dogs & rank them on their efficiency, So they named and adorned this dog as "BAGH" means the Tiger.
“An Impossible place beyond everyone’s reach with barefoot” – At Tirathgarh waterfall, Kanger Valley, Bastar.
“Most Beautiful Nature’s Canvas” – Known as indian Niagara falls,The Chitrakote Waterfall, Bastar.

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