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Beauty In the Mundane

Phil Yang

Life in Taiwan, for most people is about working to survive. The elderly are typically seen raising grandchildren, working the fields or selling food at the local market. Pictured here is an elderly woman taking a break from her work.
Scooters are often overloaded with large items or extra passengers. This elderly man places his grandchild in a stroller between his legs while riding his scooter one handed and shielding the child from the sun with his hat in the other hand.
Many young men and women work multiple jobs to support their families, which often includes extended family members. This man is working in the field after his day job to collect crops.
The elderly are very active and often seen working. This man has momentarily stopped to see the sun set after a long day of work. In this moment, he is able to take a breath knowing if the sun can rest, so can he.
The work never ends but when the sun sets it is time to get some rest. Hang your hat up for a moment because it all starts again tomorrow.

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