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Marta Pogoda

I met him when he was 9 months old, his mother was 16 and i was 17 years old volunteer in orphanage. We were helping eachother out. Since than we are family.
Now he is 10 years old and big brother. And in his short life he passed more pain than many people in their liftime.
In age 4 he was abused by his mom's boyfriend. She didn't know. He was in orphanage twice, his two siblings were given up for adoption. Recently, he saw man he called dad and loved deeply jumping out of the window.
He is one of many children who are victims of the circumstances. It wasn't his fault. It all just happend to him.
Despite all the pain he passed he is the best person I know. He laugh all the time, he loves freely and immencely, he shares everything. He's smart and talented. But there is always a price. He struggle now and will struggle in the future and he will have to work hard to don't let this experiences determine his life. But i'm prepared. And I will be there for him to help him make peace with his past and move on.

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