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Chengdu Tea Houses

Hamed AlGhanboosi

The art of making tea is commendable. In Chengdu (China), tea culture has developed into the Sichuan-featured Tea House Culture. There is a saying about Sichuan tea house: you could see more tea houses than sunny days.
Chinese people go to these tea houses and lean back in their bamboo chairs and relaxing with a sip of tea.
Chingdu tea houses abundant functions: for relaxing, meetings, recreation, as well as being the court of civilians.
Chengdu people love tea houses, because they love chatting. They will gather together in a crowded tea house, drink tea when chatting.
Except for selling teas, tea house has candies, cigarette, and other foods like peanuts. After the new China’s establishment, new entertainments were introduced, including Mahjong, Chinese chess, books and newspapers, flowers, pet birds, even Karaoke and videos.

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