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children of india

ahmed saeed

she was deserved to be noticed, especially in that tourist place..but no one did, i found her accidentally staring to each other for a while, and when i picked the cam she took photo position,i felt she wanted the world to see her
it was a show in the pure haridwar , and she was doing that for living or what, i don't know,,, but her beautiful eyes have a lot to tell
it was a beautiful and pure place, there was a lot of love in air one of Buddhist monasteries that was almost ideal,,, but even good place or bad the question is do we have the right to choose a life for these children?
i think they learned early , how important to be with true friends that always support u in life
coming alone from school with a big bag,, she doesn't know she was one of my lessons in my school,, every time i remember her; i cant resist my feeling of beauty of the creature of the god

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