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Braden Smith

The curiosity in the face of a young girl as a group of tourists are stranded in a broken down vehicle next to her village!
A sad and hungry day in Chizula village, when the orphanage has no food to give, Grolia Melees is forced to forage for any fallen seeds or berries.
One of the few times Ulema Mwale and friend get to see themselves is through the camera screen!
Chipiliro Kathumba, Mwayi Sokore and Jika Pangani get the most out of a slide while their meals are prepared at the feeding centre. Not even food can prevent them from repeating this ritual!
William Chatha demonstrates his knowledge to the class! Correct answers are rewarded with a 'well done' chant, and the glory of doing a celebratory hip-shaking dance!

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