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Different cause, one effect – PAIN

Gaurav Siddharth

To protest against the hegemonic upper caste society The Ramnami sect tattooed every inch of their bodies with Ram (their deity) to assert that they and their God are inseparable. The movement led to the passing of Caste-Discrimination-laws-in-India.
In the largest congregation of humans, Kumbh fair, this saint is called a ‘swinging saint’ since he has been swinging since last 26 years. He eats, sleeps and blesses people (as seen) while swinging, only once taking a break for daily ablutions.
Interiors of Hemalkasa village where the concept of ambulance is in fables. Two men are seen carrying a lady to the nearest nursing home which is 25 kms away, in a makeshift bamboo streture. The new road has happily cut this time to just 4 hours.
Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors – Two young earning members of the family selling watermelons in UP, India. While the girl counts a few currency notes she has received, the boy looks at me, as a prospective customer.
Konyak tribes from Nagaland, India – One of the most violent tribes who tattooed their faces or wore golden necklace with each gold unit depicting one head of the enemy brought home. A Konyak couple is seen wearing minimal clothing in harsh winters.

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