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Discovering Lapland


We met this young guy during a walk in the northern forest. Reindeers are semi-domesticated in Lapland, exceeding twice the human population. They are used for transportation, but also for their hides and (quite expensive) meat.
Something that any visitor in Lapland must experiment is Northern Sauna: dressed only with a swimsuit, a bonnet and socks not to slip, you stay 5 min in a sauna by 60°C, then you go in a frozen lake at 0°C for few seconds. Excellent for the skin
Lapland is full of hares ! You see their prints absolutely everywhere, but you never see them because they are « furtive » : as they are white and shy, they keep themselves far from humans and you cannot distinguish them from the snow.
Riding with huskies is probably one of the most emotional experiment you can ever have. Not only because you feel they love it, but also because they love humans and they show it.
Snowmobile allowed us to climb the higest hill of the area. There, close to the Russian frontier, you really feel like in another world where human hasn’t his place. Everything, including the trees, is covered by a thick layer of frozen snow.

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