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Discovering Macedonia

Laura Santos de Barros

This first picture was taken actually in the south of Bulgaria, just before we crossed the border. I took the picture from inside the car we rent in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), where we started our journey (january, 2012). I just had bought my Canon T3.
After we crossed the border, the colors of the sunset matched those of the vegetation and the mountains and gave us a reason to stop the car and admire a bit, then I took this one. It is one of my favorites.
Already in Skopje and walking around the city, I was looking at this bridge and decided to wait until I find a nice composition of people. I didn't know how to photograph in RAW yet, so it was taken in JPG in black and white originally
This one was taken in downtown Skopje. I was impressed by the clothing and how people didn't seem to bother the cold weather.
This last one was in the city market, in downtown too. The three women were talking and laughing lively, so I observed how they passed through me and captured it. Also taken originally in black and white.

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