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Echoes of Oaxaca.

Fabiola Cristina Rodríguez Estrada

True Mexican beauty. Pabla Cortez Pérez: “Nakumichum”
Guadalupe Reyes: "We speak Cuicateco, we don’t speak Castilian. All our elders only Cuicateco, we don’t teach the language to our grandchildren, we don´t want to; because when we go to the city is very dificult to communicate "
“My older girl wants to continue studying, she has many dreams. But let’s see what money says, everything is in the money. My husband is a peasant… sometimes it’s not enough. My girl dreams very high”
“I'm 76 years old, as a young woman I lost my husband. It didn’t matter how much I worked, I could't sustain my family. Then someone gave me a mill, it became my support. I'm grateful to that machine, thanks to it I was able to take care of my kids"
“I used to be strong and work my land, I can’t anymore, I got poisoned with fungicides, almost died. We were given cans of product to protect the harvest, not knowing it would do more wrong than good. Today I can’t work my land, I’m weak”

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