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faces of time

Ahmed Shalaby

time comes and go for this part of Cairo "el mo'ez street" and it keeps the magic of time old man and young in separat ways
shown 2 feelings the 1st the pain and suffer standing waiting for the boat to cross him the other bank of the nile; also shown the change the might be with the young
the camel used by the Bedouin to guide them in dessert at the night and one little boy guide them at the morning
the pic without any modification it is just zoom in and out lens only "el mo'ez street" this place is truly a magical place as every time you will find a new thing to take shot for it at every time of the day
king tut – cairo musiam – all i can say about it is who watching who the king golden mask faces aginst time for ages standing front of people from all colors and languages

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