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Growing one shutter click at a time..

United States
Katy Fox

Last year I saved as much money as possible to go on a trip to Asia. After I lost my job, I decided instead to take a solo roadtrip across the US. This picture is from Iowa. Truthfully, I fell in love with the midwest, a place most people hate.
A big motivator for my road trip was instagram. I was entranced by others photos of the National Parks. I had been to so many as a child, like Zion which is pictured here. What a gorgeous country. .
Coming home was hard. No driving to new adventurous places or breathtaking views. So I started finding happiness and fun in every day things like my garden. I wish I could get more of these fresh veggies right now!
I found this park near my house when I was trying to find running trails. I started working again in the fall and it was hard for me to adjust to a normal office schedule again. So I stopped here on my way to work for a breath of fresh air and to enjoy the view!
In adjusting back to a mundane office schedule, I have made hiking a priority during my free time. My boyfriend had a surprise on our hike – a house he built. I find taking photos of people hard, but this one just shines. I love how my photos have evolved so much this year!

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