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Iberian Masks

Rita Sofia Ribeiro Antunes

What beast is hidden beside the mask? I found this horned man,while I was walking on a Rossio Square (Lisbon). It is called a Diablo de Luzón and it’s a carnival mask from Guadalajara, Spain.
On that day, as I happen to brought my camera, I was amazed with all those masquerades surrounding me. Some more aggressive, other more friendly like this one.
But what was really happening during that rainy morning? It was the International Iberian Mask Festival and everyone was keeping an eye on the other, trying to understand what their persona was.
During my detour, I found this amazing scene: this character, belonging to the north of Portugal (Lamego),called Careto. Being some kind of a devil, he is always teasing with young girls and asking for their forgiveness, simultaneously.
Finally, it was starting to be late for me… As I was leaving this masquerade parade, I found an anonymous citizen just trying to blend in and thought about her persona: she could only be someone with a good sense of humour!

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