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Is not about how much you spend but how much you learn

Victor Centeno

Guayaquil, Ecuador (August 2016). Guayaquil's street food (Ave. 9 de Octubre) That's the spirit of the "Guayaquilenos" no matter who's holding the political power, hapiness is our identity.
Barcelona, Spain(Feb 2015). A normal day for Carlos and his colleagues who have been fishing together for about 20 uears at the same bay. After this long proces he heads home to cook some "Paella"
Transylvania, Romania (Apr 2016). Outside from Dracula's castle, I had an obsesion with this castle sincemy childhood about my dad's stories
Milan, Italy (Sep 2016). Twin italian brothers(Lorenzo left, Alessandro right), they're are my classmates and very good friends, they've hosted me in Milan for some weeks while we were going to lessons, this year!
Vilnius, Lithuania (Apr 2015). Here I climbed for hours and got lost in the most remote forest while climbing I found a green apple tree and took some apples for my journey. If I had brought my caping tent I could have done camping that night. A postcard to remember, in the lookout, amazing landscape in front of me is the Gediminas Castle (built in 1409) and the city of Vilnius and the last apple I had.

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