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Istanbul City’s Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Neslihan Akpinar

The older home in the photo was the home of one of non-Muslims in Istanbul, Turkey. Many of them left their homeland due to forced relocation during the 20th century. This picture is like a historical document which demonstrates remnants of them.
The Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey appears in the photo. This photo captures one pieces of social reality of Istanbul as the crowd on the bridge busy with their daily lives, while people are relaxing with lively restaurants at the bottom.
This photo was taken on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. The photo captures fishing rods of some fishermen indicating not only how fishing is a daily activity of many people on the bridge but also how little things that make people happy.
This photo was taken near the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet) in Istanbul, Turkey. Many people traditionally feed birds at there. I was fascinated by the wings of the bird after his drinking water. This picture reminds me of freedom.
This photo was taken on Eminönü in Istanbul, Turkey. Many tourists visit there and photography is one of the important parts of those visits. The photo captures regardless of nationality how photography brings people together.

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