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Journey to the God’s Lake (Deoria Tal)

Anamika Pathak

My first stop before the trek was Omkareshwar Temple. Sitting in front of the chromatic closed doors of the temple are the Rawals (the head priests). At an elevation of 1311 metres, this is one of the oldest in the country.
Behind the magnificent Temple, was this old lady sitting with a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood paste. She was taking pieces of the paste and sun-drying it for a temple ritual. The vibrant colours stand out beautifully against the rustic ground.
Rinky's family hosted me in Sari Village. While we chatted, she was making lunch for me in the considerably dark tin hut kitchen. I asked her to stop and look at my camera. Her hands still messy from the Benjara Chutney she was making, she smiled.
This is the fastest I have befriended someone. Minutes after meeting, Akshu, Nidhi and I played and spoke for hours, or atleast we tried, considering we spoke different languages. But as you can see, language wasn’t a barrier here.
After a long beautiful journey, this view made it perfect. This is Deoria Tal, which translates to God's lake. Hindu mythology states that the Gods bathed in this lake. The stillness of the water represents the peace and tranquility of the mind.

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