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La Amazonia: the edge of the soul.

Adela Josefina Pantin Perez

There's a need to keep some places untouched to keep on living on the planet. Feels like every soul that ever existed has a replica in a living creature in the Amazonia.
Trees are really big and we could barely see through them. It seems as bushy as human subconscious.
Just by being close, enigmatic situations started happening between the group. We were recommended to not go away from the known path to get to our place, at least not without the proper guidance.
But maybe we can all explore the jungle by closing our eyes and imagining the path that takes us to the part of ourselves yet to be known.
The place kind of felt like home. But I don't know if it was because the weather it's similar in Venezuela or if that's the feeling we get when we are at the edge of the soul.

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