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Lanceiros resiste.

Marina Gil da Silva

Lanceiros Negros is an occupation that is currently happening in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In the picture are Giovana, Luiza and Bela, some of the kids that are living there.
A group of families, that used to live on dangerous conditions, took a government building and made it into a home. They are fighting for their constitutional right to have a place to live safely.
It started in November, 2015. Since then, they have 70 families living there. Luiza was showing me the fourth floor of the building, located in downtown Porto Alegre.
There are approximately 40 kids living there. Since they are very small, they learn to fight for their rights, like the right to have a place to live.
The families are still in a dubious situation. They still don't know if they will have to leave the building.

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