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L’Aquila. On 6.4.2009 an earthquake changes its history.

Mia Scotti

1 Church of the Holy Soul – located in Piazza Duomo, principal cultural and social site of the city, old meeting point for students. 1th May 2016, 7 years later, at noon seems deserted. Scanner from negative
Freferick II street – Restructuration of a public building. Priority given to public buildings reconstruction respect to private housing site has been object of lot of controversy and citizens' complaints. Scanner from negative
Construction site, now part of the landscape of the city. A big part of the buildings are still condemned. In the immediately of the post earthquake, around 48,818 people were displaced. Scanner from negative
Giving hope. A man working at early morning in a construction site of a private building, someone house, near Antonelli road
The Ancient Fountain in Piazza Duomo at sunset. The fountains in the square are two, almost matched. The history of these sculptures is still not totally known. L'Aquila preserves its mystery, and speaks about its history .Scanner from negative

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