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Liberdade neighbourhood

Gabriel Imakawa

This first photo and the other was taken in a japanese neighbourhood in São Paulo, called Liberdade. In this one i liked how the lady in glasses is speaking with gestures and the one with the purse demonstrate the everyday’s rush.
This one shows three characters, each one going in one direction, at this moment the traffic engineering os São Paulo was reorganising the traffic on the streets.
As a sequel from the previous photo, this is the guy from traffic engineering reorganising everything on the neighbour that day.
Walking trough Liberdade neighbourhood have the felling of being connect to Japan, for the architecture, the people or their manners. The front of this establishment shows this felling in a short walk.
However in Brazil the extreme poverty is in everywhere, and it hits around 9% of the population. I believe this kind of photograph is import so this kind of situation won’t be forgotten by the people who passes by then everyday.

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