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Life in Thar Desert

Syed Hussain Hyder Zaidi

Traveling to Thar desert, is the largest desert of Pakistan. It is situated in the province of Sindh and consists of barren tracts of sand dunes covered with thorny bushes. Locals and tourists use Thari camel for traveling within the Thar desert.
The Thari people come from far and wide to fetch water from Marvi's well. Often it is the Thari women who make this half-kilometer trip twice a day, Pulling a rusted iron pot from the well, they fill their clay pots with the water.
Seated next to the well are musicians who are playing Sufi Kalaams and Thari music to entertain the locals and tourists. The main musical instruments of Thar are Kamacha, Sitar, Tabla, Sarinda, Harmonium and Shahnai.
The Thari people face harsh living conditions. On a scorching afternoon in the desert, Thari women walk back to their villages. They balance earthen pots on their heads as they walk barefoot with their children through the hot sand. The well is their only source of drinking water.
As the sun sets over Thar Desert, the camels and locals head home. Few Thari people use camels as transportation; rather the animals generate income from tourists wanting rides. The Thari people work from early morning till sunset.

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