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Likati Thomas

The big brother goes by the name of sukriet and the young one is Nduguye a Bantu word that translates to ‘his-brother’. Their life is entirely spent in this Savannah Land in the village of Lemkuna in Simanjiro, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
They do this in searching for grazing land and water for their family goats, according to the Maasai tradition the boys will one day be ranked the warriors, but before reaching that stage will have to finish this biggest responsibility at a young age
They have never been to school as they believe you go to school to get rich and for the Maasai wealth is measured in terms of livestock he owns and children he has. And thus, they have many goats they are rich. No need for school!
While the rest of their family members live in an enclosed space known as Enkang which contains 8 to 16 little huts, Sukriet and his younger brother during the night sleep in this mud grass thatched house protected by a boundary or bushes with sharp thorns to protect their kettles from being eaten by wild animals.
Their goats take shelter normally under a big shade tree like this one where I found some of their goats taking a rest in the middle of the day where the sun was over the head.

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