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Lonely Southie: A Secluded South Boston

United States
Maria Kazarian

Even though this place looks so inhabited: a car, a furnished balcony in the background, it was incredibly quiet. Nobody seemed to be around in any of the neighbouring houses and the untended plants all around give a sense of desertion and isolation.
A closed cafe on a Saturday afternoon, with the chairs and tables not locked away inside. You can't help but feel the sense of trust within this community; you can only sense it because there is nobody around to see what it's like in person.
A typical Southie woman, alone on her porch. She reflects the general feeling of solitude and melancholia of South Boston.
Even though this residence (as most of the houses in this area) is full of drab and monotonous colours, it has its own strong character which expresses emotion as would a living creature.
An abandoned ladder on the side of a permanently closed shop with nobody around to claim it. The simple and perpendicular composition of this photo reflects the clear structure of the Boston streets and uncomplicated American mentality and culture.

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