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Bandipur Biological Reserve a unique place that can only be accessed in the early morning. I was fortunate to see a Leopard, he stared at me for a few seconds as if I were part of nature, Before immersing into the wild

Mysore-Karnataka, City of Palaces, home to the governors of the area for almost 6 centuries before independence of India. It undergoes a beautiful transformation for 30 minutes one night a week illuminating the city

In my way to Mangalore’s train station , I found a man who was looking at the horizon as time or life worries did not exist. When I walked by him he smiled for the picture,just a moment,sharing a part of him with me.

The Chamundeswari temple is located on top of Mount Chamundi, built almost 10 centuries ago in honor of the goddess "Shakti" the punisher of demons in the Hindu religion. Home of monkeys and monks, it is a place that combines faith, and beautiful Indian architecture. Its visitors down a peaceful blue sky may find a world beyond this one.

Kaladias, a boatman of the backwaters in the state of Goa, always had a new story to tell for his passengers; From the time a snake bit him and he survived the encounter to death, to his wife collecting remains of coconuts to use them as fuel for their Rustic stove to prepare dinner of his 5 children. Fiction or not Kaladias always kept a smile during the whole trip looking at the horizon.

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