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MemoRies below the stars

Larisa Benko

Sitting still for 10seconds at Plitvička jezera (Plitvice Lake). This was a very spontaneous journey to meet my friends from Egypt. That morning the waterfalls woke us up while sleeping at that spot.
This was a very spontaneous stop by at our favorite beach and after a long road trip we went to that place to capture some moments of us that are going to remind us of what beauty we have shared.
Panorama of the Plitvice Lakes. My goal was to capture the milky way but the moon was always there and right after the sun said hi.
My wonderful friend Koky sitting on the road in Park Učka. It is our favorite road we always have to do even once. So we did it at night as it was my last day and got somebeater from a holy source nearby. We actually stopped because we thought we saw an owl and wanted to capture the owl with the stars.
Chasing waterfalls & full moon. I think we spent 7hours at that location and time felt like 5minutes during the whole crazy photo night..

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