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Rishabh Gupta

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Soul minimalism. Half drunk at a pub it hits me, how this lamps soul purpose is to eliminate the dark and how its sacrificed all of its life to give light where it belongs. My determination strengthens.
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The saturated life. The golden hour to me has always meant a time to get out. In this city its especially. This is my last week in this city and i'm not sure when i'll return so i get out to soak the gold.
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Lit. Best city ever, trust me when I say this I've had my share of places I've stayed at, this is hands down the greatest city in India. No questions asked. You don't live Mumbai you survive it. .
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Rooms, There are so many rooms in this hotel each room has a different story. In some lovers reunite after time. In some there is only sadness. In some there is a lie.
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Survival. What do people do for survival, some crunch numbers. Some risk their lives on the borders, while some sail treacherous waters. We are what we are because of what we do. So what do I do?

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