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North to South – 3 weeks in Modern Vietnam

Sam Merritt

"WARNING: KEEP OUT" Reads a sign affixed to another giant limestone rock as we glide through Ha Long Bay. The otherworldly mist reveals endless nooks and crannies of the more than 1,600 islands that make up the ancient bay. February 21, 2016.
Absolute silence surrounds us as we descend deeper into the epic Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Home to some of the deepest and oldest mountains in the world; the caves glittered with rocks hewn from the land before time. February 23, 2016.
Celebrating atop the highest point on the famous Hai-Van Pass; one of the most iconic stretches of road in Asia. A natural barrier of climates and cultures, this pass has a tragic but important history to the Vietnamese. February 25, 2016.
Suspended in time over the Red Sand Dunes of Mui Ne in southern Vietnam. Unlike the silence of other deserts of the world, this desert is full of the chatter of children hard pressing to sell you cheap plastic sand boards. Stand firm! March 3, 2016.
The point of no return after releasing the rope on a waterfall outside Dalat City. Abseiling and Canyoning bring tourists and adventurers to this temperate corner of Vietnam where nearly year-round mist hovers over the valleys and wooded hills. March 6,2016.

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