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November 5th Burns in Our Memories

United Kingdom
Kelly Beckta

Lewes, U.K. where every Nov 5 a carnival of fire and noise marks the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and Britons set fire to things.
The Bonfire society's grand procession don disguises with flaming torches burning to remember Guy Fawkes Day
Dazzling Red Flares illuminate the sky in this glowing red bonfire society procession in Lewes
This Bonfire society procession carried signs that read 'Lest We Forget" as red flares illuminated darkly elegant military for Guy Fawkes Day
Cardinal in blood-red cassock joins in with the carnival of fire and noise of this Guy Fawkes procession, a tradition that began in 1850

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