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Outdoors life in Madrid

Lude Nunes

Cruel conversion rates from Brazilian Real to Euro reduced my travel possibilities during my semester in Madrid. The solution was to imitate the locals, such as this family in the Tirso de Molina Square: go out and just watch life.
A student takes a siesta at the university’s parking lot. Sleeping in public places is not unusual in Spain – whereas in Brazil’s big cities it’s usually reckless.
To a history buff like me, the borderline indifference with which many locals related to their centuries-old structures seemed almost troubling, albeit also fascinating.
During an extended holyday, many people took to opportunity to leave the city. I stayed behind to wander around and came across a street performer competing for attention with a piece of Star Wars merchandise.
This was supposed to be a jumping shot of my roommate. Since it didn’t work, we got an accidental portrait of the joy of our day trip to Aranjuez, whose famous Royal Palace can be seen on the background.

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