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Herbert Salas

The barbarians tried to seize the city of Nola, near Naples. Paolino saved them. In honor of him, the party accompanies all the trades of the city and they manufacture a gigantic machine that they load in weight.
Alto Cunas, Región Junin, Peru. It is winter in the southern hemisphere. The dry season has left the mountain without grass. The effects of global climate change are observed. Global Landscapes Forum winning photo 2014
Their lives are trapped in the waters of time. A whole civilization realizing that humanity is transit in this world and without encumbrance, while at the same time wanting to transcend time through beauty. Process turn C41 Kodachrome slide.
Pitumarca, Cuzco, Peru. The hand-woven tradition preserves the ancestral knowledge of an almost extinct population. It emphasizes the role of women in the task of preserving the accumulations of wisdom.
Puno, Peru. 4800 meters high. The Peruvian altiplano poses impressive physical efforts but everyday life, based on simplicity uses the strength of community work and the bicycle as one of its most important means of transportation. Rural life and the worldview of the Aymaras has made the family the cause of their survival and current progress.

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