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Parallel Lives

Achillefs Pitsavas

What caught my attention to this photo was the melancholy on this woman's face combined with the look of the blurry man. They look like they are lost in their thoughts but somehow they share the same feeling.
Thεse 2 girls were dancing carefree in the central square of Amsterdam spreading their happiness and innocence. Even though they realised I captured them in my camera they didn't care and continued dancing and laughing.
Somewhere in Amsterdam my camera captured the Gang. The boy in front with the ambitious and dynamic look gives the impression that is the leader of the gang. They look like they are ready to face the future.
Not a typical morning in Amsterdam because the sun came out of the clouds. Their faces tell us that they really struggle to look ahead. They look like they are afraid of the sun.
Happyness has no borders.

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