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Mahmoud KHALIL

Citadel Square : Castle Square or Salaheddin Square or old was named Rumailah field is one of the largest fields of the city of Cairo.
Mohammed Ali Mosque : Muhammad Ali Mosque is a mosque built on the Ottoman style, similar to the Hagia Sophia mosque
浴衣 . yukata > This image we learn how to wear a yukata in the classroom Nippon Foundation ..
Qaitbay Citadel .. I was on a trip to Alexandria and you filmed Bey Citadel and where the castle is located at the end of the island of Pharos maximum west of Alexandria. And constructed in the old Manar Alexandria place which destroyed 702 years after its devastating earthquake that occurred in the reign of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad. Sultan al-Ashraf Abu al-Nasr Bey began building this castle in the year 882 AH and finished construction of its 884 years. The reason for his interest in Alexandria frequent direct threats to Egypt by the Ottoman Empire, which threatened the entire Arab region was interested Mamluk sultan Qansuh Ghouri castle and adding its importance and shipped weapons.
Mosque of Ibn Tulun ..Tulun Mosque is hosted by Ahmad Ibn Tulun in 263 AH. Ahmad ibn Tulun spent 120 thousand dinars in the construction, engineering matters was interested in the construction of the mosque. The minaret of the mosque is the oldest minaret in Egypt

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