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Poverty eradication

Teresa Teixeira

It is a normal school day. Some children are waiting for food and looking at their colourful soup bowls. Before going back home the children are always given a meal, sometimes the only cooked food they eat in a whole day.
This is a special school and belongs to a network of world missions (Pepe-network).The teacher is still working with his pupils in the schoolroom, but the meal is already being prepared for the children.
A woman started distributing the food in the children's colourful bowls. This time they had rice with mango.
A little boy watches the portion of rice that he is being given. This little boy seems to be more curious about the meal than his school activities. Simple curiosity or hunger?
Still in school environment. It is the teacher who teaches the kids basic hygiene routines. They are washing their hands before the meal. Water is a scarce resource in Guiné-Bissau and made available here through a tea pot. So, no water wastage.

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